What is your process for preparing Returns?

The process for preparing tax returns starts with an electronic engagement letter and invite to a google drive folder. Once the engagement letter has been sign and the tax documents have been upload the tax return is then prepared. After preparation is complete you will receive a email summary of the results with a link to the full return. At this point if you wish to schedule a phone call or meeting to review the return you can. Once you have reviewed the return you will be sent the e-file authorization forms and the invoice.

Who Prepares my Tax Return?

Your tax return is prepared and reviewed by a CPA who has experience in the field of tax preparation. 

If I don't have a Gmail account do I have to create one to access my documents?

Yes, for security purposes to access your tax document you are required to create a account if you don't have one just like you would for any other file sharing program

Are my documents Secure in Google Drive?

Yes, because we use Google's enterprise drive solution the information uploaded to the Google Drive folder share with you is encrypted at rest and all employees of Walston Advisory Firm who deal with client data are required to have secure passwords and two-factor authentication where possible. For more info about drive security check out Googles FAQ

How do I upload My Tax Documents to Google Drive?

There are a couple of ways you can upload your documents. The first is from your computer and the second is from your phone. On your computer go to  drive.google.com  click on shared with me and the appropriate folder. Then drag files into the open web browser. On your phone download the google drive app and select shared with me and the appropriate folder. Then click the + icon. For more info check out this link from google or this quick video.

How long does it take for my Tax refund to come?

How long it takes for a tax refund to come depends on a lot of different circumstances but in general for if come in one to  two weeks. Here is what the IRS has to say about that. You can also check on your IRS refund status here.