The Value of Tracking Clients Well

The Value of Tracking Clients Well

Over the last several weeks we have discussed issues faced by "Same Way Sal". We have discussed Defining Long-Term Goals and Going Paperless for Accounts Payable.  Today we are going to discuss why having a good process for tracking clients is important. Currently, Sal keeps track of his clients informally either in his head or on paper. We will be discussing the importance of tracking new leads, new clients, existing clients, and how software makes that easier.

Tracking Leads

As you might guess Sal does not track leads instead he lets customers come to him. To Sal, this seems like the perfect setup. He doesn't have to do marketing, his customers find him.  Let's ask some questions. 

  • How do his new clients hear about his business?
  • Were they referred?
  • How do potential clients view the business?
  • Are they aware of all the services and products offered?
  • Do customer view the business the way they should?
  • What ways could you change their perception to draw in more clients?

Without knowing the answers to these questions your clients could be going to a competitor because they don't realize you offer a service or they might just stop coming because of how they view the business. Not being proactive in tracking leads takes the control of growing your business out of your hands and limits your resources when clients stop showing up.

Most businesses like Sal's do not realize the importance of leads or marketing until something bad happens. Instead be proactive and get a good idea of not only your target market but also of the current customers your have. You might find that who you actually serve is not who you thought you would serve. This gives you a great opportunity to tweak your business to be more profitable based on your actual clients instead of your perceived ones.

Tracking New & Existing Clients

Tracking new clients through your sales process is just as important as tracking leads. You want to know why they chose your business and how the process was from purchase to delivery. You want your new clients to make repeat purchases and refer other clients to you.

  • To do this you need to start collecting data. Using a CRM like HubSpot start tracking your client demographics. sales, and communications. Find out who is buying what and from where.
  • Send out surveys to your client to find out what they liked and didn't like.
  • Implement a job costing solution to track the profitability of each job so you know what projects and clients are the most profitable and which ones need to be tweaked.

Software Solution

As mention before you should be using software to track your lead and clients.

  • HubSpot lets you track your clients from lead to sale
  • WorkflowMax lets you track the sale/job to invoices
  • Xero lets you send out and track A/R easily


Tracking your clients from a lead all the way through the sales process provides valuable information about your business. It lets you know if you are reaching the right clients and if your sales processes are sufficient.

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